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  dhasenan 0f13ce8f8a Have a layout test working! 3 years ago
  dhasenan 79e415705c More work trying to split up UI 3 years ago
  dhasenan 0bcb193a19 OpenFormula: != should be <> 3 years ago
  dhasenan 99263cc2da Some rearranging; added UI! 3 years ago
  dhasenan 755ce37eda Main now compiles again! 4 years ago
  dhasenan 1f53068653 Comparisons partially implemented! 4 years ago
  dhasenan 17521856d2 improved cyclic dependency handling 4 years ago
  dhasenan e9125bf24f Fully parse locations, finally! 4 years ago
  dhasenan c3ad40f19c Can properly parse column names! 4 years ago
  Neia Finch fdc22c6cfd Some more test-y stuff 4 years ago
  Neia Finch c6741de53f Loc.toString works right 4 years ago
  Neia Finch cfe9954120 Working on tests! 4 years ago
  Neia Finch 5312635e90 The thingy finally compiles! 4 years ago
  Neia Finch 2a551eccbb Nearly have a running full-stack test! 4 years ago
  Neia Finch 84c40d6cd0 Compilation is mostly happening! 4 years ago
  dhasenan 8a6e1217fa Giant blob o' work! 4 years ago
  dhasenan 4093e4392f Function binding works! 4 years ago
  dhasenan ca865ec321 @safety and function 4 years ago
  dhasenan f94925c8a4 Fixed checked issues, but I don't know how? 4 years ago
  dhasenan ee27d321d3 Some interpretation tested. 4 years ago
  dhasenan 79553b8313 fixed some rational arithmetic 4 years ago
  dhasenan 2a849f4a87 Some frameworky stuff 4 years ago
  dhasenan d821027e56 SCID repository start! 4 years ago