Final Fantasy 9 randomizer. No clue if it will go anywhere. 1.1KB

FFIX Romhack Suite


Replace cutscenes with something very short and vaguely amusing. Remove FMVs. Replace title screen with something indicating the randomizer config. Maybe add a config screen? …I doubt I can make that happen.


  • Window colors
  • Pointer icon? Could add Sims style, question mark, Navi…

Postmaster General

Work your way up the ranks of the Moogle Post Office by delivering letters across the world.

Randomized characters

We shuffle around characters. We shuffle around:

  • default names
  • ability sets
  • graphics


All your characters have Eat. They learn all abilities by eating.

Gizamaluke’s Treasure Hunt

Start with the open world (somehow). You need to find all the bells required to get through Gizamaluke’s Grotto.


Your objective is to get to the root of the Iifa Tree and defeat the monster there, removing Mist from the world.

Heart of the Cards

You must assemble the Ultimate Card Decks to defeat the Four Masters of Tetra.

Each Tetra Master has a random weakness. You need to discover their weaknesses, then farm the appropriate creatures to get their cards.