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  dhasenan 37f752b014 Use absolute paths and set PATH for experiments 3 years ago
  dhasenan b5908019e0 Removed testing code 3 years ago
  dhasenan e33f8893d4 Enable experiments. 3 years ago
  dhasenan 193553f985 Diffs: fixing a deprecation via added errors isn't a change. 3 years ago
  dhasenan 8cfc1db9ab Handle new dub way of saying source libraries can't be built 3 years ago
  dhasenan 09bde13b51 fixed silly errors 3 years ago
  dhasenan 8d7fe72da1 Minor html fixes 3 years ago
  dhasenan 0414d19b46 Fix deprecation count inversion 3 years ago
  dhasenan 2883c539a0 Refined percentage outputs 3 years ago
  dhasenan a9602a14a5 Show proper diff elements (broken vs fixed) in diffs 3 years ago
  dhasenan 0c212badc9 Fixed build log links 3 years ago
  dhasenan 36f2758c14 Fixed error with argument order 3 years ago
  dhasenan 34c0ceb7a0 Slightly more efficient report generation. 3 years ago
  dhasenan d092fdf452 Build logs in diff pages; diff all compilers 3 years ago
  dhasenan 9d3e0dd576 Added diffs between compiler releases 3 years ago
  dhasenan 3c31a0bf76 And maybe we should have data in the index besides the version number? 3 years ago
  dhasenan 337d1290a0 Fix index links! 3 years ago
  dhasenan c4a88d6b13 Actually build the index html maybe? 3 years ago
  dhasenan 0d09b505c0 Stop using arsd.dom to build report output. 3 years ago
  Neia Finch 35aca499ff Something? It's dark out, no? 3 years ago
  dhasenan 1ac6a129a6 Fixed build stderr reporting 3 years ago
  dhasenan bea7ef339e Grab up-to-date list of dmd releases 3 years ago
  dhasenan 192599c3ab Added a bunch of stuff 3 years ago
  dhasenan c67b6acf81 Added readme 3 years ago
  dhasenan f346ccc8d8 Fixed name 3 years ago
  dhasenan 9bd039c364 Build badges! Package output! 3 years ago
  dhasenan 390b68bcbf Reports! 3 years ago
  dhasenan fbe690b526 Sqlite, multiple compiler / package versions 4 years ago
  dhasenan 474b091848 fixed search for deprecations 4 years ago
  dhasenan d871161890 Put common variables into config object; timeouts; deprecations 4 years ago
  dhasenan 4da5b4fcee First commit of backporter 4 years ago