Static blog generator
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Bloggy: static blog generator!


  • Generates your blog
  • Has categories and time-oriented views
  • Has a show more / below-the-fold bit
  • Lets you specify URLs for things (even multiple URLs!)
  • Gives you templates for things
  • RSS
  • (your blog readers can’t leave comments)
  • (the source code may or may not have comments)


The minimum you have to do:

  • Create a directory called blog
  • Create a directory in blog for your post
  • Create a markdown file or partial HTML file in that directory
  • Run bloggy

You can do more than that:

  • Define templates for blog posts
  • Add a blogpost definition file

Blogging in HTML

<p>This is some <b>HTML</b> text!</p>
<p>This is below the fold -- just like wordpress.</p>

Blogging in Markdown

Markdown is a superset of HTML. It works just the same, but mostly easier:

# This is the post heading

(you probably don't want to use h1 for the inside of blogposts)


Still below the fold.

Blogpost definition file

It’s a yaml file. Example:

title: Welcome to Bloggy!
publish: 2017-08-21T13:00:00Z
categories: [welcome, misc, blogging]
urls: [/welcome, /?p=129]
authors: [me, my cousin]

Including extra resources

Relative resources are interpreted as belonging to the current post. Absolute resources are interpreted as belonging to the blog as a whole. We’ll take care of generating real paths so things don’t conflict -- you can have ten blogposts that all include <img src="foo.png"> without ambiguity or clobbering.