D bindings for WebKitGTK
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WebKitGTK bindings for D

These are GTK-D compatible bindings for WebKitGTK.


As a static library

  1. Add "webkit-d:static": "~>1.0.0" to your dub.json.
  2. Add the following library dependencies:

    webkit2gtk-4.0 webkit2webextension-4.0 javascriptcore-4.0 soup-2.4

If you prefer a dynamic library, well, Dub doesn’t yet support dynamic library dependencies. The process is somewhat awkward:

  1. Add webkit-d as a git submodule to your project.
  2. Add a prebuild script to build webkit-d:dynamic. Copy the output library somewhere convenient. Let’s say ./libs.
  3. Add webkit-d/source in your importPaths.
  4. Add "-Llibs", "-lwebkit-d" to your lflags.
  5. Add library dependendencies as above.

To run the resulting application, you will need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH appropriately.

If you don’t expect to update webkit-d often, you can install it system-wide.

We recommend building webkit-d and GtkD as dynamic libraries. Compilation time for this library won’t be impacted, but it will shave about ten seconds off the build time for whatever other program you have.

What this includes

  • webkit2gtk-4.0: basic webkit embedding
  • webkit2webextension-4.0: meddling around in browser internals
  • javascriptcore-4.0: a couple typedefs required by webkit
  • soup-2.4: glib-friendly http library